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Fire Protection

Eoos has an hug amount of experiences not only in all kind of insulation works but also in passive fire protection.

Preventive fire protection has top priority for all kind of building constructions and industries because it saves human beings and prevents material damages.

With new materials and new techniques Eoos provides you all kind of passive fire protection systems for your safety.

At regular times all over the world fire breaks out and causes big damages. Fire and smoke are very dangerous not only for human beings but also causes lots of damages in the materialistic field.

WE can not prevent fire and losses but we can reduce the damages with: PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION

The main dangerous situation for human beings is the time of smoldering fire:

It is the time when a slow, low temperature flameless form of combustion sustained by the heat evolved when oxygen directly attacks the surface of condensed phase fuel. Immediatly high temperatures and extremly dangerous smoke come up and make life nearly impossible.

The causes of risks are multi-faceted, for example:

Easily inflammable materials

Short circuit in electric lines or similar material

Malicious arson

Most of the time, in buildings, there are supply shafts with different electric wires and other pipes all over the area. In case of fire, these supply shafts will be attacked by the fire and in a short time of period the fire will spread out everywhere.

Passive fire protection should keep the fire inside and should prevent the spread out of the fire through all the building to save human beings and material assets.

A professional fire retarding sealing avoid the spreading out of the fire for 1-2 hours, so all emergency exits are open and the fire fighters can do their work.

Eoos is providing you following passive fire protection services:

Electric fire retarding sealing

EI90 fire retarding sealing

Fire resistant cover for fire damper

Fire resistant cover for ventilation duct

Fire resistant, self supporting channel for ventilation

Fire resitant cover for steel supporting structures

Fire resistant coating for steel supporting structures


a) Fire resistant panels are non combustible and mainly made up of silicates. They can be used with traditional machines and tools; they are easy to be fixed to other building parts and they are used in all kind of builiding constructions and industries to prevent fire and smoke.

b) Fire resistant covers for ventilation ducts are made by fire resistant panels, the thickness of the panels depends on the fire resistance grading.

The requirements of passive fire protection for ventilation affect on the one side the reaction to fire of the used building materials and on the other side the fire resistance grading of the ventilation itself. Solely because of using professional, classified fire resistant materials the spread out of the fire can be prevented.

c) Passive fire proctection for Steel supporting structures:d) Soaking, foaming materials block the system in case of fire because of the soaking foam itself and prevent the spread out of the fire to other parts. These materials mainly used for protecting electric wires and others which produce heat and which are located in shafts. There, the temperature is rising up rapidly and because of providing a ventilation component this warm air can flow out and more problems can be prevented.

e)Passive fire protection for electric wires, cable ducts and cable trenches:

Electric lines and equipment are mostly placed in corridors and closed by rooms. In case of fire this places are most of the time emergency exits as well and therefore these electric cable installations are an high risk, too.

There are several options how to protect electric equipment against fire:

Installation of a fire resistant, autonomous ceiling for creating a seperate fire area in the ceiling void. Installation of seperate channels to protect the emergency exits against the fire.

f) Fire retarding sealings close the vent of the bushing through walls and ceilings and therefore the spread out of the fire can be stopped.

There are different kinds of fire retarding sealings:

1.Fire retarding sealings made by mineral wool panels- so called soft panels in combination with a special fire resistant coating

2. Fire retarding sealings made by so called rigid panels and plaster, which is a kind of cement and which will be mixed directly on the site.

g) Fire resistant collars:

In buildings there are several fire areas and the piping systems and electric installations crossing all over walls and floors. With special, professional passive fire protection you can make sure that the fire resistance time is guaranteed and that the spread out of the fire is prevented. The installation of fire resitant collars make sure that the bushing of flammable pipes through ceilings and walls are closed and the spread out is stopped. Fire resitant collars are used especially for flammable plastic materials for instance for liquid waste pipes, for drinking water pipes.


We are pleased to give you the best advice which kind of passive fire protection is the most effectfull one for your project.