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Eoos is a well known company in the insulation branch all over Austria and Europe. Eoos GmbH is a company with an extensive amount of experience in hot and cold constructions-, tank- and industrial insulation and passive fire proofing likewise. We provide you first class service and excellent and fast work in every field.

Our Guiding principle ALL AROUND & ANYTIME With the latest technologies and with high knowledge we can easily provide you any type of insulation fast and in the best quality. A good and correct insulation in all kind of buildings can improve not only your own quality of living standard but can also protect nature and resources.

QUALITY & PERFORMANCE Eoos Gmbh provides not only an entire range of first class services in the fields of hot, cold, noise insulation and fire proofing but also professional consultations. Satisfied clients guide our services and work and make us happy. Reliability and best quality are important for us.

TO LOOK AHEAD FOR THE FUTURE Our team is always keen on getting new knowledge and new technics. We support the regional and national economy and we are trying to do our best for protecting the environment.

OPERATING EFFIENCY We think and act commercially. We are a modern and powerful company with Establishments in Romania, Croatia and in the United Arab Emirates. We are always keen on providing the best insualtion. All around and Anytime.

EOOS VALUES Equitableness, reliability and providing the best quality guiding our services as well as to respect every human being and to safe the environment. We are trying to trade trustful and responible. Diligence and ambition impress our work and services.

Our employees work independet and they are oriented on having the most possible success. Our employees are skilled and getting always the chance for increasing their knowledge in form of workshops. Our employees are our potential in which we like to invest regullary. Open minded and looking ahead to the future we walk together

SAFTEY & FORESIGHT Preventive fire proofing is one of the most important branches in the insulation field. It is not only needed for buildings but also for large industries, tanks and equipments and of course it should always be applied where human life needs to be protected.